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We review our Eating Alive program, which is a program developed by Dr. John Matsen that returns patients’ bodies to their natural states, where they achieve a state of homeostasis and reap the benefits of better health. When patients suffer from chronic conditions, such as ADHD, the body is unable to return to a state of homeostasis fully.

Dr. Masten has identified the problem for almost all chronic health issues is a poorly functioning liver. Since the liver is responsible for filtering your digestive system, it goes to reason that fixing your liver, and therefore your chronic health problem, starts with diet.

The goal of our Eating Alive program is to support your liver through improving intestinal flora and liver functions. We want to get the yeast out of your gut and metals out of your liver and other organs. By following the Eating Alive program, you let your body activate its own incredible healing power.

After introducing you to our Eating Alive program, we advise on whether you need additional testing, to get to the root of your health concerns.

Treatment is measured in stages. The first two weeks, where the goal is to replenish your body, repair the ileocecal valve, restore your intestinal flora, and weaken yeast in your intestine. The next three to four weeks, after you have involves testing different levels of yeast and bacteria and continuing to treat these with diet. For two months after that is to remove heavy metals from the body, particularly mercury, this can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. After all of this, the program becomes about maintenance and healing, by following the Eating Alive program.