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How can a naturopathic doctor help?

 At Northshore Naturopathic Clinic, our goal is to teach our patients to take responsibility for their health in a positive, comfortable atmosphere. You are the best healer there is!  Naturopathic solutions to many chronic diseases start by removing the obstacle to this natural self-healing. 

Using functional medicine solutions for mood and cognitive health

A comprehensive approach to mental health leads to faster improvement virtually in every patient that is willing to commit to treatment and training. Measuring and balancing neurotransmitters with diet and nutrition has a large impact on a healthy mind.  Homeopathic medicine can help resolved repetitive emotions and physical sensations associated with mood disorders.  Mapping the brain for its electrical networks gives an organ-level understanding of the brain that can be enhanced with personalized cognitive training.

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Promoting prevention and addressing the root causes of disease

Whether you are male or female there is so much that can be done preventatively as well as once a diagnosis has been made.  Testing for hormonal health, looking at genetic factors to decipher your immune and nutritional needs or taking a functional medicine approach to decipher a unique Gut Reset protocol just for you. These are just some of the way to improve tour health.

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Digestive Health

Healing the gut with whole foods is the starting step for most new clients.  The Eating Alive Program, which is the cornerstone of our naturopathic programs was developed by Dr. Matsen ND, as a result of over 30 years of successful clinical practice and research.  It involves basic dietary and lifestyle suggestions to help balance nutrition followed by a personalized detoxification program based on testing each person’s environmental burden. Read more

Immune Health

Thousands of the communication pathways involving nerves, neurotransmitters and hormones, connect the gut and its microbiome to the central nervous system, the immune system and our emotional responses. Balancing these core four mechanisms of immune regulation generated positive outcomes in conditions such as Chron’s, Colitis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Brain Health

Naturopath IV Therapy Vancouver

Cognitive and emotional health becomes distorted with trauma and disease and takes its toll on everyone in the family and friends of the individual. Emotional balance, stress management, and cognitive health are the cornerstone of a healthy happy life.  We deliver a comprehensive approach for patients with ADD, Concussion, and Mood disorders that involves looking at the neurotransmitter function and the brain’s electrical networks.

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