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Loreta Neurofeedback Vancouver

One of the most exciting developments in contemporary neuroscience is the recognition that the human brain processes information via different brain circuits or loops. The collection of circuits working together is called a brain network.  Using qEEG (quantitative encephalogram) and LoRETA (Low-Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) —software approved for academic research, we get an unprecedented 3D look into the brain. 

QEEG brain mapping enables us to see the unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses. We are able areas of the brain with too little or too much activity and those coordinating their activity with each other. The accuracy of a qEEG in identifying areas of brain activity is comparable to a functional MRI.

During a typical qEEG session, the client wears a cap that resembles a swimmer’s cap. The cap has electrodes that pick up brain waves and send them into an amplifier that measures the amplitude (power of the brain-wave activity), the coherence (quality of the synchronized communication), and the phase (the speed of communication) between and among regions of the brain.

After we generate a qEEG map,  with LoRETA imaging, we are able to train deep brain areas; entire networks (brain highways), coherence (connectivity), processing speed (phase) and more; all crucial factors in optimal brain functioning.

For example, if you have a specific difficulty with foggy brain and difficulty focusing on a task after a concussion, a qEEG can map the brain areas involved in attention and executive functioning and see which brain regions are functioning outside the norm. With 3D LORETA neurofeedback training, we can then train the brain to achieve remarkable improvements in the affected networks and thus the symptoms.

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