Bowen therapy is named after its Australian creator; Thomas Ambrose Bowen. It is a gentle hand on treatment that works by integrating the innate healing of the musculature and the spine. Bowen therapy is widely used by premier rugby and football clubs in Australia. Not only do sportsmen report fewer injuries when treated regularly but they also notice enhanced performance.

The Bowen technique bridges that part of the science of healing that has not yet been understood. The part that deals with coordination of the brain and body.

During the 45 min. to 1 hr treatment, the practitioner performs gentle moves over precise points of the body.  Bowen is not deep tissue, or manipulations and forceful. The Bowen moves work much like a gentle signal to Golgi tendons; areas of tendon, nerve, and muscle junctions.

Bown and Golgi

After an injury, the area around the injury become tense to protect it from further injury. But when the tension lasts into chronic muscle guarding you get chronic pain.  All types of trauma and pain, physical or emotional guarding, respond to the technique.

The beauty of the technique is that lead to positive changes that are sustainable in as little as 6 treatments.  Post-concussion pain, low back pain, neck pain, respiratory conditions, ADHD, anxiety, and migraines are among the most responsive to Bowen treatments.