The true goal of diet is to provide all the essential nutrients without aggravating the function of the digestive organs.
Almost everyone over the age of two (some younger) have a stomach in a state of SHOCK. To bring it back we need to remove the irritants so that the stomach muscle can de-spasm and regain proper function.

Over Eating

The reason many people don’t get improved stomach function from improving diet is that they haven’t eliminated everything that aggravates the digestive organs.
Your stomach after being mis treated is now in hiding, whimperingand trying to avoid any more insults
During the first few weeks of healing it will be highly sensitive and any insults or stressing foods will send it back into hiding and a whimpering state. After it has had some time to heal, when you introduce something it does not agree with it will not return to that original state of shock.
Gold standard is to listen to your body, if it reacts unfavourably after you have eaten a certain food, then that food is a stressor and should be eliminated from the diet. If you want to take out the guess work you can do a food sensitivity test. For a food sensitivity test our lab tech takes a blood sample and sends it to a lab to be analyzed. At the lab they test to see what food your body is producing antibodies to again showing what foods are stressors and need to be eliminated.

Food Sensitivities


EVERYONE reacts to these “NON FOODS”:
• Coffee/tea
• Chocolate
• Shite sugar
• Alcohol
• Artificial sweeteners
• Preservatives
• Salt
• Tobacco

Non Foods
*These ‘non-food’ are not nutrients but instead ‘stimulants’ intended to provide ‘energy’. Though they may do this momentarily, the truth is, what is really happening is they are causing further weakness of the liver and adrenals and highly irritating the stomach.

Disease is really a warning from the body that a change is necessary.