SaeidBy Dr. Saeid Mushtagh, ND

Brain mapping or QEEG is a functional assessment of the brain’s electrical activity. It enables us to see your unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses – areas of the brain where there is too little or too much activity, and areas that are not coordinating their activity.

Its accuracy is comparable to functional MRI.

A QEEG measures brainwaves, their amplitude, quality of communication between regions, and the speed of communication between regions. It can identify specific function and symptoms to the particular networks in the brain. Using software approved for academic research QEEG now allows us an unprecedented look into the brainwave patterns from deep brain structures.

By seeing which areas have abnormal activity, we can predict what type of symptoms you may be experiencing as a result. For example, if you have a specific difficulty in paying attention, the brain areas involved in attention will been seen on the QEEG report as being outside the norm.

Being able, for the first time, to both identify and train these deeper structures in the brain is a major leap forward in brain training. Enabled with 3D neurofeedback, and through the use of a QEEG, Dr. Mushtagh can train the brain to help it regulate those areas more efficiently and thus decrease symptoms.

We are now pleased to offer QEEG consultation with analysis at Northshore Naturopathic Clinic. If you are interested in learning more, call 604-986-7774 to book a short consult with Dr. Mushtagh.