Commonly used for cooking, not many people know the wondrous benefits that come with using garlic to treat certain medical conditions. It also works to improve your overall health, especially when combined with a balanced diet. Here are just six ways garlic can benefit your health and well-being for years to come.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

It’s said that garlic is one of the best foods to keep your heart healthy. It’s been shown to reduce cholesterol while lowering lipid content within the blood. Studies have shown that garlic has a positive effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. It seems that the miracle food also has the potential to prevent blood clots from forming.

Helps with Hypertension

In both human and animal studies, garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure when administered orally. So much so that improvements can be seen after a single dose. There are long-term, positive effects to eating garlic, as the acid it produces can relax the muscle cells that make up the pulmonary artery, while allows it to expand more. When combined with a balanced diet, garlic can improve your blood pressure immensely.

Nutritional Support Against Cancer

There’s been a correlation shown in many studies done around the world between the higher consumption of garlic and a decreased risk of cancer. Increasing the amount of garlic taken into the body is related to the reduction of cancer cells in the stomach, pancreas, colon, breast, throat and prostate. Established cancer research institutes are claiming that garlic is the most effective food in the prevention of cancer.

Liver Protection

This is one of the best foods you can consume to help detoxify your liver. Garlic can aid in lowering the effects of liver disease while also preventing liver damage caused by certain toxic factors. According to studies, garlic can protect cells in the liver from nitrates, acetaminophen and gentamicin.

Antimicrobial Properties

Studies have shown that the antibacterial properties in garlic can effectively treat salmonella, Proteus, staph infections and more. The workings of garlic can also be antifungal, antiprotozoal and antiviral in some cases. Through test tube studies, it was found to fight against viral pneumonia, the common cold, influenza, herpes and HIV. When cold sufferers consumed garlic extract, they experienced milder symptoms and shorter illness duration.

A Powerful Antioxidant

Unstable molecules in the body known as free radicals can damage DNA and cause issues with your health. How does garlic come into play? Because it’s packed with strong antioxidants, garlic can fight against the distraction caused by free radicals. When it’s broken down, the garlic’s antioxidants produce acid that both react with and traps these damaging molecules.

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