Colloidal silver has been around and used as a natural health care supplement for over a century.  More than 100 years ago, Dr. G.L. Rohdenburg discovered its many benefits for a variety of different health issues and concerns.

What is colloidal silver?

It is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. Sound weird, foreign or unnatural? It’s really not. In simple terms, it’s a consumable liquid, with nano-sized silver particles suspended in highly purified water, that your body can easily identify and absorb. And silver is naturally found in food and water; you’re just giving your body a little extra boost of it.

Colloidal solution is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial!  That’s why Dr. Rohdenburg became such a proponent of this product – it has wide spread benefits.  An added bonus is that you do not require very much – just a small amount (approximately 1-2 teaspoons) – to see markable results.

It can be administered either topically, orally/sublingually, or vaporized and inhaled into the lungs by using a nebulizer.  Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, colloidal has been used long-term without any reported cases of developing an antibiotic resistance.

Some ways it can improveyour health include:

1) Spraying it directly onto burns to prevent infections and promote faster healing without scarring.

2) Spraying or dabbing onto ringworm, boils, herpes sores, and warts for faster healing.

3) Nebulizing for bronchial problems such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

4) Orally consumingsmall amounts daily as a tonic for immune support against colds and flus.

5) Dripping itinto the ear to help combat ear infections; can also be used in a similar fashion for eye and nasal infections.

6) Apply topically or internally for vaginal yeast infections or oral thrush.

Many of you may have heard about “The Blue Man” on mainstream media, which has unfortunately given colloidal silver a bad name, so to clarify the misinformation you may hear, here is an excerpt taken from the website of the manufacturer of colloidal silver, Silver Lungs Inc:

“Simply put, Paul Karason made the mistake of adding (salt) to his distilled water as a catalyst to reduce the production time of his homemade silver solution. Paul was unaware that salt or other additives should never be incorporated into the “electrolysis” process when creating proper colloidal/ionic silver. While adding salt greatly reduced Paul’s time to create his silver solution, it actually created a completely different compound called silver chloride. This silver compound (consumed in the tremendous concentrations Paul was producing) has been shown to cause a harmless skin discoloration condition called “Argyria.” Silver chloride is in no way the same as pure colloidal/ionic silver based on a distilled water suspension.

Considering the facts and details surrounding Paul Karason’s unfortunate situation, it should be known that no cases of Argyria have ever been linked to properly produced colloidal/ionic silver that were absent of salt and other additives. Paul’s condition is the result of years of ingesting extremely high doses of silver chloride and not the result of waking up blue.”

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