skin tree 2The magical ingredient in this healing balm is called Tepezcohuite, which is derived from the bark of a tree native to Mexico named; ‘The Skin Tree’. Mayans have used this non-toxic organic ingredient for more than ten centuries for its remarkable healing properties:

• Natural painkiller
• Antibacterial (300% more effective than streptomycin)
• Antifungal
• Antiviral (natural/safe germicide)
Amazing skin benefits, such as:

    •  Cure & prevent acne. (cleanse and exfoliate)
    •  Minimize & prevent wrinkles and fine age-lines.
    •  Vitamin P & hyaluronic acid protection, encouraging hair follicle and cellular regeneration.
    •  Stimulate collagen growth. (improving elasticity)
    •  Assist in healing burns & minimize: scaring, skin blemishes, pigmentation, cellulite, age spots, stretch marks and enlarged pores.
    •  Relieve pain & repair skin damage from: psoriasis, pressure sores, Herpes I & II, eczema, cracked/dry skin, rosacea, athletes’ foot, diaper rash and other chronic skin conditions.
    •  Aiding in tattoo after-care.

Mayan Magic Healing Balm is made locally here in Vancouver, has no harmful side effects and though its healing properties are powerful, it’s completely safe for our babes! We would all benefit from having a jar of this on hand!

It’s expected that this product will literally disappear off our shelves.