The Eating Alive Program was developed by Dr. Matsen as a result of over 25 years of successful clinical practice and research of major medical journals. It involves nutritional and other healthy lifestyle guidelines to help you attain, regain, and maintain optimal health.

There is an incredible healing power within each of us that knows exactly what and where each of our ailments is, and knows exactly what to do to correct them. This healing power is available to you at little cost and in unlimited quantities. It is, unfortunately, often stifled and dormant.

This incredible healing power is called homeostasis. It is the basic tenet of physiology that your body is a wise, self-adjusting organism capable of monitoring and correcting imbalances, fighting off invaders, and repairing damage. When homeostasis reigns, great health is your natural state.

Acute disease is your body’s gathering of forces to throw off some outside interference, such as a viral infection. When the virus is defeated, the short-lived disease is over, and homeostasis returns your body to its normal, stable functioning. Chronic disease occurs when the body is unable to completely remove the outside influence—or fully correct damage from it—and the full return of homeostasis is thwarted. A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that 45 percent of Americans have at least one chronic health complaint.

Dr. Matsen has found that virtually all chronic health problems can be attributed to an overloaded, poorly functioning liver. Your liver has hundreds of jobs to do, so it’s important that it functions effectively. And since the liver is the filter for the digestive system and the digestive system begins at the mouth, then the cure for chronic health problems starts with diet. Dr. Matsen’s Eating Alive Program has helped thousands of people reverse their symptoms of so-called chronic illnesses.

So what does “Eating Alive” mean? It refers to that cozy dietary spot found between “Eating Too Bad” and “Eating Too Well.” In addition to dietary guidelines and other healthy lifestyle practices, the Eating Alive Program includes improving intestinal flora and liver function—getting yeast out of your gut and metals out of your liver and other organs. The Eating Alive Program contains the most significant steps you can take to achieve great health by allowing your body to use its own incredible healing power.