DrivingAs you may be well aware the traffic in the area has been getting crazy the last few years. To help decrease your feelings of stress make sure you have good blood sugar i.e.  you have eaten adequate food or have snack in the car so you don’t get “hangry” (anger from hunger ).

Hydration and sipping water is also key; keeping your mouth moist helps give the body feedback that you’re not stressed (ever get stressed out and your mouth dries up? That’s a stress response). It’s a trick that surgeons who use hypnosis employ to trick the mind.

Smelling lavender, bergamot, clary sage, or marjoram essential oil may help make you feel calm. Some people use Rescue Remedy® in their water while driving in stressful situations.

Listen to music that makes you feel good, incessant radio talk has been known to irritate the nervous system, especially when on topics you do not agree with. Music that has slow tempo, legato phrasing (notes are played or sung smoothly and connected) and minimal dynamic contrasts (fast to slow, slow to fast) seem to help the best. (Music Percept. 2010 Apr; 27(4): 317–326)

Take it easy, faster is not better and try not to compete.  Being aware of competing or high stress response can bring on understanding to the moment, just try and breathe. If someone cuts you off try not to take in personally and let it go. Give people space and lots of it….pass the lavender!