Zucchinis grow locally, are in abundance, and found fresh in the grocery stores and farmer’s markets. They are high in Vitamins C, K, A, B6 and Folate.

Unknown to many is how extremely versatile they are.  Mild in taste and firm in texture, they can be used in almost any recipe.  Here are a few ideas that hopefully inspire you to eat them if you don’t already:

1) Shred into salads

3) Use a spiralizer to turn into noodles and make into a “pasta” by adding a sauce and vegetables

4) Cut diagonally into thin slices and use them like a cracker for making horderves

5) Use for dipping in place of crackers

6) Cut lengthwise, scoop out the middle, stuff with veggies /sauce /meat of choice and bake

7) Cut into chunks and add to soups and stews

8) Cut lengthwise for grilling or into cubes to add to BBQ skewers

9) Thinly slice lengthwise using a mandoline, layer on a spread and veggies, then roll to make “sushi”

10)  Thinly slice into rounds, toss in oil and spices, and dehydrate to make ‘chips’

Even with all these ideas, if you still have too many to eat this summer you can always store them.  How?  Grate or julienne your zucchini, place in freezer bags and pop in the freezer.  Now they are ready-to-use for pasta sauces or baking throughout the winter.