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Eating Alive II: Curing the “Incurable”, Dr. Matsen’s third book, expands on the concepts covered in Eating Alive and also includes important information on the role of mercury and other toxic heavy metals in the cause of chronic illness.

Based on what he has learned from treating over 40,000 patients and from published medical research, Dr. Matsen explains what you can do to avoid and reverse chronic health problems. Testimonial letters from some of his patients who have cured their “incurable” diseases are included throughout. And like the first two books, Eating Alive II, contains pertinent illustrations that make this comprehensive text easy to understand.

Part I of Eating Alive II features a FastTrack section that summarizes the core components of the Eating Alive Program, allowing you to get started right away. Part II, the Food Section, includes: an article about good fats and bad fats by Udo Erasmus (an international authority on fats, oils and human health); Helpful Hints; a Sample Menu Plan; Menu Suggestions; over 120 recipes (including an Asian recipe section); and other useful tips to help you make healthy food choices. This updated dietary program is the one that is currently used in Dr. Matsen’s successful clinical practice. Part III discusses the core issues in more detail and Part IV contains an extensive reference section.

Eating Alive II is a must-have for those who want to learn more about their liver and its role in achieving optimal health. If you are frustrated, tired, or feeling helpless because there doesn’t seem to be any medical explanation for your lack of well-being, it’s time you tried the Eating Alive Program.